Hainanese Chicken Rice

what do you go for when you eat chicken rice? the rice? the chilli? the ginger sauce?

as for me, i like the ginger sauce and the chilli, the soup much better than the rice or the chicken. but my husband is however the opposite of me, he likes the rice and the chicken.

My mum’s a very traditional cook, i would say she is the best cook to me, she can bake the best pineapple tarts, mooncakes from scratch. (very spoilt, the only mooncake my siblings and i ate ever since we were young) she would cook everything from scratch, from your curry chicken paste, sambal chilli, nonya sambal..AND nothing from the packet she would tell me.NONO!

When i first moved to melbourne, mum would pack me lots of her chilli and she would tell me this would go with this to cook chicken curry, all you have to add is chicken, potato and coconut milk. Thanks to mum, as the years past and the periods of me going back home to bring back all these lovely packs of chilli grew longer, i found all these wonderful subsitute when i ran out of my mums precious stuff.

Back to chicken rice, I have always watched my mum cook chicken rice from young, starting from killing the chickens.. ohh my…. dont ask me about my age. that was what mum used to do all the time for a meal of chicken. Mum would use pounded ginger and garlic to fry with the rice.and the list continues just to make chicken rice.. BUT!!!.. i know as students you want something fast??? HERE IT GOES!!!

Things Available from YAHWEH


  1. Kee’s Garlic Ginger Chilli sauce
  2. Kee’s Chicken Rice Mix
  3. Singlong Chicken Ginger Sauce
  4. Evergreen Classic Tofu, 300gms
  5. Fishballs

From the supermarket/ market


  1. 1 Chicken or drumsticks or marylands? depends how many people you are cooking for
  2. Cucumber and Tomato (optional)
  3. Wombok (thats what i like to put into my soup) (optional)

How to assemble it all together



  1. Clean ur chicken and put it in a pot with water covering it.
  2. Bring the chicken and cold water to boil covering the pot and put it on medium fire. Depending on your chicken size the timing varies. for example, 1 whole chicken, i would boil it for 35minutes. 2 Marylands, about 20 minutes
  3. Leave the lid on for another 15 minutes and then bring the chicken out and quickly spread some sesame oil all over the chicken. Let it cool and chop it up. It would be easier with chicken maryland or drumsticks cause there wouldnt be much work needed to cut it up. Would be more cost effective for students too.
  4. Read the instruction on the Kee’s Chicken Rice Mix for instruction on how to cook the rice. *i would do this while the chicken is boiling.
  5. Reboil the soup and throw in tofu (cut), fishballs and wombok (cut up in slices) for soup. add a little bit of salt and pepper for taste.
  6. DINNER IS SERVE!!! with the chilli sauce and the ginger sauce.
  7.  Or you can use the soup if you dont want any soup for the rice the next day and make a meal of putting noodles in the soup.

It is quite cost effective too, cause the rice mix, chilli sauce and ginger sauce can last you for at least 8 single serves!! *please note that everyone’s serving size is variable

sauces needed for chicken rice


favourite tofu, that i always get at yahweh


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