a simple trick to cook curry chicken.

sorry we have been missing in action for a little while.

we have been busy the last 2 weeks preparing to go to Mt Hotham with 30 other people. it was an awesome trip with too much food. while the husband went to snowboard. i stayed at home with some others and helping to cook meals for all who went to play at the snow.

back to the subject: we all loved a good curry chicken dont we?

some love the gravy or “kuah” we call it.. or the chicken or the potatoes.

we get a lot of questions from our customers at Yahweh Asian Grocery and they always asks which is the best paste for curry chicken.

and the owner’s reply to that is that pick 2 brands of curry paste and mix them together with one can of coconut milk and do not add water to it. *but in our Yahweh kitchen we try to mix which 2 brands has the best taste and which one would be more value for your money.

That is the simple trick to cooking a very flavoursome curry chicken.

you will get a very rich curry kuah

and about 3 years ago i went to friends baby shower and in her curry, she added quail eggs too!! and from then, whenever i cook curry, i will definitely add a bottle of canned quail eggs into my curry.  it brings a different taste to the curry.

curry chicken goes well with lots of different things. rice, noodles, bread etc

and fear not of having too much curry because curry is one of the things that freezes very well in ur freezer and you can cook in bulk and then have it for another time.

recipe for curry chicken

1 whole chicken cut into 14 pieces. or get 4 marylands and chopped it up 12 chicken drumsticks. or 1 kg of chicken wings/drumlets/winglets. (ur desired choice of meat)

2 onions cut into thin slices.

3 potatoes- peeled and quarter them

1 can of coconut milk (available @ Yahweh Asian Grocery)

1 can of coconut cream (available @ Yahweh Asian Grocery)

pick 2 brands of curry chicken paste – i like using chillz brand & the happy brand (both available in Yahweh Asian grocery) it is more value for money in terms of the other paste and they complement each other really well.

1 bottle of quail eggs (available @ Yahweh Asian Grocery)

  1. add some oil to your pan/wok.
  2. add in onions. and stir fry till they are fragrant. add in the paste and stir fry till its all mixed up.
  3. add in the chickens to coat the paste. and let it brown for about 2 minutes.
  4. add in the coconut milk and cream and bring it to a boil. for about 20minutes.
  5. add in the potatoes and cover and put it to simmer for about 20 minutes.
  6. lastly add in the quail eggs, stir it through the pot and off the fire, cover the pot and let it sit till you are ready to serve.
enjoy a meal of curry chicken with your friends, a quick meal or even for lunch the next day!!
till then!!!
love from yahweh kitchen.

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  1. hey, your “using 2 diff packets + quail eggs” tip is GOLD… legendary, ives! cant wait to make this soon =]

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